133rd Airlift Wing Diversity Working Group

August 1st, 2015 -- The 133AW recently stood up a Diversity Working Group, chaired by the Wing Commander, Col Johnson.  The DWG has been charged with identifying barriers to diversifying the force and developing solutions to overcome those barriers.  While this has recently become a "hot topic," diversifying our force has been an initiative since the 1960's and will continue to be essential to our mission as it enables us to be the premier air power in the world.

According to AFI 36-700l, "Air Force capabilities and war fighting skills are enhanced by diversity among its personnel. At its core, diversity provides our Total Force an aggregation of strengths, perspectives, and capabilities that transcends individual contributions. Air Force personnel who work in a diverse environment learn to maximize individual strengths and to combine individual abilities and perspectives for the good of the mission. Our ability to attract a larger, highly talented, diverse pool of applicants for service with the Air Force, both military and civilian, and develop and retain our current personnel will impact our future Total Force. Diversity is about strengthening our force and ensuring our long-term viability to support our mission to Fly, Fight, and Win.in Air, Space, and Cyberspace. Diversity is a military necessity."

While the DWG has largely taken the lead on the diversity initiatives, it is incumbent on every Airman to focus on the positive outcomes of a diverse force and to foster inclusivity in their organizations.  It takes a focused effort on the part of the entire Wing to truly create a culture of inclusivity and by every Airman doing their part we will continue to build upon the differences among us that truly make us great.