Above and Beyond

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Amy M. Lovgren
  • 133rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Master Sgt. Crystal Galloway, 133rd Maintenance Operations Flight, was selected to represent the 133rd Airlift Wing at the state level as the Outstanding Airman of the Year in the category of Senior Non-commissioned Officer in St. Paul, Minn., Apr. 13, 2014.


Each year, squadrons from 133rd Airlift Wing submit an Outstanding Airman of the Year Award package that consists of their best of the best of the Wing. These Airmen distinguish themselves from their peers in the areas of leadership and job performance in primary duty, significant self-improvement, and base or community involvement.

Master Sgt. Galloway sets herself apart from her peers as the training manager for Maintenance Group, monitoring over 240 individual training plans. She also oversees over 525 training records in the Training Business Area program for the Wing. She played an integral role in the SharePoint migration for the entire Maintenance Group by creating and transferring over 250 files. Master Sgt. Galloway continues to show results as she takes on more responsibility. Furthermore, she went above and beyond by creating the Newcomers Brief package, which has organization charts and maps of the base for new recruits.  Lastly, Master Sgt. Galloway is the author of the Camshaft Newsletter for Maintenance Group.


"She always goes over and above," said Master Sgt. Lisa Kanugh, 133rd Maintenance Operations Flight. "If someone needs something, she already has a whole program set up to include specific needs and donations."


In addition of going over and above, she gives back to both her civilian and military community. Master Sgt. Galloway does this by coordinating donation drives, volunteering at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing, and leads a spinning class every Wednesday at the 934th Air Force Reserve gym.


 "It's never about her, it's about others," said Master Sgt. Kanugh. "She has the unique skill of seeing a need and jumping in there full throttle."