Chief Hotaling Visits 133AW

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  • By 133rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Many distinguished visitors pass through the hallways of the 133rd Airlift Wing and a recent visitor proved to be no exception. Chief Master Sergeant James W. Hotaling is the eleventh Command Chief Master Sergeant, Air National Guard. He represents the highest level of enlisted leadership for the Air National Guard.

During the April Unit Training Assembly, the 133rd Airlift Wing had the honor of hosting the distinguished visitor for a day. One of the stops for the Command Chief Master Sergeant was to address the Airmen, of all ranks at an informal gathering. He spoke of resiliency, professionalism and being your best.

"His no-nonsense, tell it like it is encouragement for we Airmen to "own" our career. He and other leaders are required to establish and share the "roadmap"," said Chief Paul D. Kessler, 133rd AW Command Chief. "He has dedicated a sizable portion of his Air National Guard staff to establishing, refining and communicating that roadmap."

Hotaling interacted with many different offices and people during his short visit to the wing and encouraged the Airmen to be the best in all that they do.

"His passionate discussion and illustration of our renewal of our commitment to the profession of arms," said Kessler. "The story of trainees becoming Airmen and the pride they should feel of this accomplishment. A better understanding of what the "Little Brown Book" (AFI 36-2618) is all about."

Chief Hotaling took the position in January of 2013 and is responsible for matters influencing the health, morale and welfare of assigned enlisted personnel and their families.