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The Air National Guard is critical to the overall mission of the United States Air Force, and is over 100,000 Airmen strong.

When you join the Minnesota Air National Guard, you can serve, not only your country, but also your state, and maintain a lifestyle all your own. While living near your home, you'll be a stronger person, a better citizen, and all of the world will see your strength.

Gaining strength and training are only some of the benefits of becoming an Airman in the Minnesota Air National Guard. There are programs available that help pay for your college education, cash bonuses for certain jobs, opportunities to travel, and retirement benefits.

If you'd like to learn more about the Minnesota Air National Guard, please send us an email, or give us a call.

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Palace Chase
Do you have plans for your post-active-duty career? Are you ready to start living those dreams right now? With the PALACE CHASE program, once you’ve completed at least half of your original contract (two thirds for officers), you can transition directly from the Air Force to the Air Guard.

Palace Front
Already completed your active-duty service obligation term? You can transition seamlessly into the Air Guard - with the PALACE FRONT program.

Serving Part or Full-Time?
Serving part-time gives you the flexibility to live life the way that is best for you, serving one weekend per month and two weeks each year. There are also fulltime opportunities as a dual-status military technician or an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) member.

Benefits of Prior Service
One of the real advantages of military service is the benefits package. As a member of the Air Guard, you’ll receive a solid paycheck along with educational and other military benefits, including.

-Recapture the pride of wearing a uniform and the camaraderie with fellow servicemen and women.

-Serve your community and country as part of a team.

-Continue investing in a military retirement plan.

-Get additional Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits to help with educational expenses.

 -Keep your low-cost health insurance for you and your family.

 -Continue to have Base Exchange (BX) and Commissary shopping privileges.

 -Keep the low-cost life insurance provided to all military members.

Interested in join the team – contact a recruiter.