Pilot Vacancy Announcement

ANG 24-001
DUTY LOCATION: 133rd Airlift Wing, 109th Airlift Squadron, St. Paul, MN
SELECTING OFFICIAL: Maj. TJ Oltman, 612-713-2399, timothy.oltman@us.af.mil
MAIN POINT OF CONTACT FOR QUESTIONS: Maj. TJ Oltman, timothy.oltman@us.af.mil
REMARKS: This posting is to solicit applications for the annual selection board to enter the undergraduate pilot training program. The application window will be open from 01 MAR 24 – 01 JUN 24. Please do not submit applications outside of the application window, they will not be considered. Interviews will be scheduled for mid-July 2024.
SPECIALTY SUMMARY: Pilots mobility aircraft (C-130) and commands crews to accomplish global airlift and airdrop operations.
- Plans and prepares for mission. Reviews mission tasking, intelligence, and weather information. Assists the Aircraft Commander with mission planning, preparation, filing flight plans, and crew briefing. Ensures aircraft is pre-flighted, inspected, loaded, equipped, and manned for missions.
- Maintains proficiency in piloting the C-130H Hercules as well as directing a crew during complex low level, formation, airdrop, night vision goggle, and airland operations.
- Conducts or supervises training of crewmembers. Ensures operational readiness of crew by conducting or supervising mission specific training.
- Knowledge: Knowledge of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures, and mission tactics will be mandatory.
- Education: For entry into this specialty, undergraduate degree specializing in physical sciences, mathematics, administration, or management is desirable. Undergraduate degree must be completed NLT 15 June 2024
Minnesota Air National Guard Pilot Position Requirements
Age: Applicants must be no older than age 32 at the time of the interview (Born no earlier than 01 AUG 1991).
Education: A bachelor’s degree completed by the application deadline is required to apply.
Flight Experience: Private Pilot License (PPL) is required by close of application window (01 JUN 24).
Physical: An FAA medical is not required to apply. After hiring, candidates will receive a Flying Class I physical at Wright Patterson AFB. Also, being in good physical shape will make Officer Training easier to complete.
Location: Be located within or be willing to relocate within commuting distance (~50 miles) of the 133rd Airlift Wing at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport (KMSP).
Expectations: Commit to 10 years of military service with the 109th AS after graduating UPT, 20 years desired.
Able to enter training within 18 months of hiring and complete an approximately two-year training pipeline.
Availability: 1 day per week to fly 2-4 times per month, attend monthly drill weekends and fly 1-2 off station cross country (CONUS/OCONUS) annually.
Pilot Training Pipeline
Total Force Officer Training (TFOT): 8 weeks at Maxwell AFB, AL
Initial Flight Training (IFT): Typically, only required for candidates without a PPL. ~6 weeks at Doss Aviation, Pueblo, CO
Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT): ~1 year at Laughlin AFB, TX; Vance AFB, OK; Columbus AFB, MS (Students can bring their family)
Initial C-130 Pilot Training (PIQ): ~5 months at Little Rock AFB, AR (Students can bring their family)
Survival Training (SERE): ~3 weeks at Fairchild AFB, WA
Mission Qualification: ~6 months at the 133rd Airlift Wing, St. Paul, MN
Application Package Details
Applications will be accepted from 01 MAR 24 – 01 JUN 24.
Combine all documents into a SINGLE PDF File. If the application packet is too large to be sent in one email, break the packet into two separate attachments and send it in two separate emails. If sending multiple emails, subject line must end in 1 of 2, 2 of 2 (example- DSG-UPT_Application_22-001_Smith, 1 of 2). For application questions, please call 612-713-2033 or 612-713-2399
Applicants must forward the requirements listed in the checklist below to the 133rd Airlift Wing Recruiting Office no later than the closing date indicated above. E-mail completed applications to, 133.AW.Officer.Accession.Org@us.af.mil, subject line must read (DSG-UPT_Application_22-001_LASTNAME).
     Cover Letter - Please include these in your application.
     AF Form 24
     AFOQT scores
     PCSM/TBAS scores
     Pilot Certificate(s)
     Last 3 logbook pages
     Official College Transcripts (digital copy for application)
     Letters of recommendations (no more than 3)
Please fill out a copy of this form as completely as possible. A copy can be found at the following link:
AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) - Similar to the SAT or ACT; this is a standardized test and can be accomplished on base here in St. Paul. The base education office will help to schedule this; SMSgt Todd (612) 713-2024 or MSgt Hetland (612) 713-2038. Being proactive with scheduling a test is key this year. Availability is limited due to COVID-19. If you do not reside in the local area, contact your local Air Force recruiter to schedule a test.
TBAS (Test of Basic Aviation Skills) & PCSM
• The TBAS is a computerized psychomotor test used as a tool for selection as an Air Force Pilot. The testing equipment at the 133rd AW is no longer available. However, the University of Minnesota ROTC offers the test. If you live locally, reach out to the University of Minnesota ROTC at afrotc@umn.edu to schedule testing. Otherwise, use the following link to find locations and contact info: https://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/TBASlocations.html
PCSM: This is a composite score combining your AFOQT & TBAS scores with total flight time. Please include a copy of your score printout from the PCSM website. https://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/index.html
Flight Experience - Please include a copy of your pilot certificate(s) and a copy of the last three pages of your logbook. More flight time and ratings are desired.
College Degree/Transcript - Include in your application a copy of your college transcript. An official copy is not required (unless selected for interview).
Letters of Recommendation - Please limit to no more than three letters. We prefer quality over quantity