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Airman and Family Readiness


Key Volunteer Program

The Key Volunteer Program is an official unit/family program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of Air Force community.


Most importantly, it is a commander’s program that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, Key Volunteers (who are appointed by the commander), families, the Airman & Family Readiness Program, and other community and helping agencies.  The program has been standardized across the Air Force to address the needs of all military families with special emphasis on support to families across the deployment cycle.  


Why is the Key Volunteer Program Important?


Promotes individual, family, and unit readiness

Establishes continuous contact with loved ones

Encourages peer-to-peer Wingman support

Provides links to leadership

Strengthens the commander’s support team


Key Volunteer Program Benefits


Increases awareness of Wing and community resources

Enhances information flow

Prepares and supports families and loved ones during separations

Increases sense of unit support

Improves quality of life among unit families

Increases readiness and retention

Enhances airmen and family resiliency

Promotes individual, family, and unit readiness

Vital to building strong AF communities

Mission/Strategic Goals

The Air National Guard Airmen & Family Readiness Programs mission is to provide ongoing effort to focus extensively on Airmen and Family support and services that contribute to the mission readiness and the well-being of the Air Force Community.  The A&FRP supports and maintains mission readiness by assisting Service members and their Families with resources and skills to assist in adapting to the challenges and demands of expeditionary operations and the military lifestyle. This initiative will increase and enhance a sense of community at the unit by achieving standards to promote personal readiness, economic viability, and overall satisfaction with life in the Air National Guard by members and their Families.

How We can Assist

Military deployments are a big adjustment time for many military families. Roles change, workloads increase for all parties and often times anxiety rises. Being proactive toward the deployment process is the best way to approach these issues. By taking charge of the circumstance it ensures you and your family's interests are served to the best extent possible. Taking the time to plan and prepare will not make a deployment any shorter, but it will help alleviate some of the stressors and anxiety that can be associated with deployment. The Airman & Family Readiness Program will partner with you by providing information, materials, expertise, and local resources.


We offer information, education and personal financial counseling to help military members and their families maintain financial stability and reach their financial goals. A Personal Financial Counselor offers information and programs on:


Investing Basics

Spend Plans

Thrift Savings Plan


Auto Buying

Debt Management

Home Buying Basics



Airman & Family Readiness Program provides eligible service members and their family members information on the employment opportunities to assist with their search for jobs in the local area. Information and programs are available on:


Resume Basics Workshop

Federal Employment and USA Jobs Workshop

Job Search Techniques

Interview Skills

Career Change

Individual Career Counseling and Assessment



Is designed to equip separating and retiring civilian and military personnel and their eligible family members with skills and knowledge for re-entry into the private sector. The emphasis of TAP is on transition preparation rather than job placement.


Program components include:

Mandatory Pre-Separation Counseling

Transition Benefits Seminar


Optional 5-day TAP GPS Workshop Include:

Transition Assistance Program, Goals, Plans, Success Individual Transition Plan (ITP) Federal Job Search Basics  Introduction to Resume and Cover Letter Preparation  Interviewing Basics & Preparation  Veteran's Benefits Briefing.



Designed to link individuals and families with resources to meet their specific needs utilizing services available on base, the local community and nationwide. We will assist you in finding the contact that you need.



Provides information, education and some counseling to help service members and their dependents adapt to current and future changes in their lives.


Information is available on:

Family Wellness and Resilience Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Single, Married, and Family Strong Bond Retreats



Objective - focal point for families during "local disaster".  Assist with information dissemination and rumor control.  A&FRP collaborates with on/off base agencies to provide information and referrals for short and long-term assistance.



Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program 

Child and Youth Programs

United Through Reading

Relocation Assistance

Military Family Assistance Centers

Transition Assistance Advisor

Veterans Affairs

Minnesota Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Phone Numbers

Public Affairs


DEERS & Military 
ID Cards - Appt. Only

SAPR - Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

IG Complaints

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