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  • Already Served?

    When called, you served your nation as a member of the Armed Forces.When your tour was completed, you proudly hung up your uniform, returned to civilian life, and started a job in the private sector.But you don't have to give up the benefits you enjoyed in the military. Whether you served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, you can retain
  • Air National Guard Palace Front

    The Palace Front program is a transfer program which allows active duty Air Force officers and enlisted members to transfer from the United States Air Force to the Minnesota Air National Guard the day after separation from the Air Force non-Palace Chase, normally upon completing their Active Duty Service Commitment (ADSC) or on reaching their date
  • Air National Guard Health Care Professionals FAQ's

    Q. Could I be pulled out of medical school during a time of national emergency? A. No!!! Federal law stipulates that you will not be removed from medical school for national crisis.Q. Does the Minnesota Air National Guard have a need for all civilian allied healthcare professionals? A. The Minnesota Air National Guard utilizes many allied