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While you are away

Is anyone more important to you than your family? These are the individuals that you love. They could be your mother or father, husband or wife, significant other, and of course, your children. You want to see them have the very best that life offers. You're concerned about their welfare and you do what you can to see that they're taken care of properly and have what they need. You care about your loved ones, even when you're away.

When you're deployed, it becomes more difficult for you to help your family with the unexpected problems or emergencies that might arise. The Guard Family Network can offer your family the assistance they need when those situations occur. Our trained volunteers are aware of the many resources available to help your family. These resources can include both military personnel and community agencies. One telephone call is all it takes to obtain this assistance.

If you are being deployed soon, consider requesting a Family Contact. A phone call to the family member that you've designated will be made soon after your departure. A Guard Family Network volunteer will provide your family member with information about our service and phone numbers to contact if a problem or emergency occurs. Depending on the length of your deployment, multiple calls may be made just to ensure that "all is well" with your loved ones.

We need either your written or verbal authorization to telephone your family member due to confidentiality laws. There are several easy ways to request a Family Contact. They are:

1. Group Mobility Lines--Guard Family Network volunteers now have a permanent station on the line. The volunteer will inquire if you want a Family Contact while you're deployed. Information will be obtained at that time. 

2. Unit Deployments--Form 35 can be obtained from your Unit Coordinator, your Guard Family Network Point of Contact, or by requesting a copy through the use of the Pubs and Forms section on the Intranet. On the front of the form, the last question pertains to Family Contacts. If you request a family contact, you'll need to complete the questions on the back and forward a copy to SMSgt. Deb Rose.

3. Base Training Manager--When you deploy for school or training, the Base Training Manager will inquire if you want a Family Contact. You'll need to complete the questions on the form provided to you and it will be forwarded to us.

There may be occasions when the Guard Family Network plans a special event to get the families of deployed service members together. It could be an outing to Como Zoo, a video taping of family members to be sent overseas to long-deployed loved ones or a welcoming home celebration at the base. Having Family Contact information about your loved ones will ensure they are invited to participate in these activities.

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