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Air National Guard Health Care Professionals FAQ's

Q. Could I be pulled out of medical school during a time of national emergency?

A. No!!! Federal law stipulates that you will not be removed from medical school for national crisis.

Q. Does the Minnesota Air National Guard have a need for all civilian allied healthcare professionals?

A. The Minnesota Air National Guard utilizes many allied healthcare professionals. For example: social workers, psychologists, pharmacists and optometrists. Unfortunately, we do not have positions for chiropractors or podiatrists. 

Q. What do health professionals do in the Minnesota Air National Guard?

A. As a physician, you would be responsible for the well being of all of our unit members. Each unit member requires a physical at least every 5 years; our flying personnel will receive an annual physical. Other health professionals will work in their respective fields providing medical services as needed. 

Q. How do I become a flight surgeon?

A. You would attend the Aerospace Medicine Primary Course at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, Texas. This course is 6 weeks long and the training is extensive. However, this training can be accomplished in 2 week increments. You will learn about flight environment related injuries and how medical problems can affect the body in flight.

Q. What about initial military officer training?

A. You will have to complete the Commissioned Officer Training course located at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama. This is a 4 week, 5 day course and must be completed within 2 years of being commissioned in the Minnesota Air National Guard. Certain critical specialties may qualify for an abbreviated course. 

Q. What about nurses in the Minnesota Air National Guard?

A. To be a nurse in the Minnesota Air National Guard a bachelor's degree in nursing is preferred. However, a RN with a bachelor's degree in a health science related field may be considered. The nursing degree must be from a National League of Nursing (NLN) accredited program.

Q. What is the age requirement for health professionals in the Minnesota Air National Guard?

A. As a health professional, you can be commissioned up to your 47th birthday. Exceptions to this age requirement may be granted for physicians.

Q. Does the Minnesota Air National Guard offer any educational Benefits for Health Professionals?

A. Certain specialties may be eligible for the following incentives: Student Loan Repayment Program up to $50,000, Cash bonus up to $30,000, Stipend program $1,058 per month. Also, you may earn CME's/CEU's for some training courses offered in the Minnesota Air National Guard.

Q. What rank will I be appointed as?

A. As a physician or dentist, your rank will be determined by several factors: Residencies completed, how long have you been a practicing physician or dentist and any prior military service. At a minimum, your rank will be at least a Captain. For nurses, physician assistants and allied health professionals, your rank will be determined by education, work experience, licensure date and any prior military service. 

Q. What happens in the event of a war, state or national emergency?

A. As a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard there is always the possibility of being activated during a time of crisis. You can be called to active duty by either the governor of Minnesota, in times of a state emergency; or by the president of the United States in times of national conflicts.

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