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Extra Income
By enlisting in the Minnesota Air National Guard, you can augment your existing income with an extra paycheck. The pay you earn by serving two days each month is equivalent to four active duty days. Rank and time in service determine individual pay rates. What would you do with an extra paycheck each month? 

Additional Benefits

Unlike other military branches, the Minnesota Air National Guard offers a host of federal and state benefits. Unit members and their families are eligible for such federal benefits/entitlements as medical/dental coverage, life insurance up to $250,000 at reduced rates, Base Exchange, and Commissary. Active Guard members can also travel free on military aircraft nationwide when seats are available.

Valuable Training 

The Minnesota Air National Guard offers additional free (it's really not free, we pay you to attend!) training in your career field. Training is available in more than 130 specialized vocations, including engineering, communications, electronics, avionics, medical, and many more. Plus, the Minnesota Air National Guard guarantees training in your field of choice. Serve in the Minnesota Air National Guard, and your civilian career will take off!


With 20 years of good service at the age of 60, you'll be entitled to the same privileges as retired active duty Air Force personnel. You will receive retirement income, medical benefits, base shopping, the use of recreational facilities and also travel free on military aircraft nationwide when seats are available 

College Tuition Assistance
For unit members interested in pursuing a higher education degree, the Minnesota Air National Guard offers college tuition assistance through the following programs listed below. Click on the links below to learn more.

- Montgomery GI Bill

- Student Loan Repayment Program

- Tuition Reimbursement

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)

The CCAF offers 66 Associate Degree programs in one of five technical areas.

- Aircraft & Missile Maintenance 

- Electronic & Telecommunications 

- Health Services 

- Logistics & Resources 

- Public & Support Services 

Degree requirements are fulfilled by a combination of military and civilian education sources.

133rd Airlift Wing 
Minnesota Air National Guard
Recruiting Office
631 Minuteman Drive
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55111-4116

Toll Free: 800.835.3764
Commercial: 612.713.2097
DSN: 783.2097


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