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  • Deployment Section

    Every family member feels the pain of separation. Deployment disrupts the normal functioning of the family unit. There is no denying that but, there are things that can be done to survive the separation and relieve the stress associated with it. Handling Stress: 1. Take care of yourself. Don't try to fix family and friends. 2. Get involved in
  • Pre-Deployment Process

    As a member of an Air National Guard unit with potential for worldwide deployment on short notice, the following information will aid in making a family separation more manageable. 1. Too often, family members deny the possibility of duty separation, and pretend it is not going to happen. This denial can be emotionally harmful. Once separation
  • Guard Family Network

    The need for family support during times of deployment has always existed. Military families have accepted a great responsibility laced with personal sacrifice when they've chosen to support their loved ones in service to their country. "In no other profession is family separation faced so frequently as it is in the profession of military service."