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  • Student Loan Repayment Program

    The purpose of the Student Loan Repayment Program is to assist members in repayment of eligible student loans for satisfactory service participation in the Minnesota Air National Guard. This program will consist of an annual payment equal to 15% or $500 towards the balance of the loan, to include the accrued interest. The maximum repayment per year
  • Montgomery GI Bill

    This selected Reserve Education Assistance program will pay education benefits through the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA). This program is an entitlement, not a bonus, for a six year enlistment. The benefits are available for 36 months of schooling at a VA accredited and approved institution. Fulltime students (12 credit hours) will receive
  • Air National Guard Health Care Professionals FAQ's

    Q. Could I be pulled out of medical school during a time of national emergency? A. No!!! Federal law stipulates that you will not be removed from medical school for national crisis.Q. Does the Minnesota Air National Guard have a need for all civilian allied healthcare professionals? A. The Minnesota Air National Guard utilizes many allied
  • Health Professionals

    When you "Cross Into The Blue" as a Healthcare professional in the Minnesota Air National Guard, you'll discover more than just a great career. As a member of this elite group, you'll have the opportunity to practice medicine the way you were trained to - without all the hassles of HMO's, tons of paperwork and poor hours. Which allows you to focus
  • 208th Weather Flight

    The 208th Weather Flight can deploy Combat Weather Teams within 72 hours notice, providing front line combat tactical meteorological services to a U.S. Army Division Tactical Operations Center for mission specific ground and air operations. The 210th has also supported Air Expeditionary Forces taskings worldwide. This unit works closely with the
  • 109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron

    The 109th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron provides quality patient care and timely movement of casualties during wartime and peacetime operations. Using military and civilian aircraft the 109th, made up of more than 110 airmen, transport patients to airfields near designated health care facilities.Since September 11, 2001, the 109th Aeromedical
  • 133rd Security Forces Squadron

    The 133rd Security Forces Squadron is responsible for the protection of aerospace resources both at home station and deployed locations. This unit also works with air base defense, law enforcement, security, combat arms training and maintenance and the Phoenix Ravens.
  • 133rd Maintenance Squadron

    The 133rd Maintenance Squadron is responsible for overall management of field maintenance for eight C-130H3 aircraft used in tactical, airland, and airdrop missions. Supports in-place deployment combat operations on a worldwide basis in a compressed wartime generated tasking. During times of peace, the unit supports local flying requirements for
  • 133rd Maintenance Operations Flight

    The 133rd Maintenance Operations Flight is responsible for maintenance operations control and coordination of eight C-130H3 aircraft which provide tactical airlift, airland and airdrop missions. Supports in-place and deployed combat operations on a world wide basis and compressed wartime generation tasking. Peacetime activities include supporting
  • Tips for the spouse left behind

    1. It is very possible you will admit feelings of sadness, self-doubt, fear, or loneliness to your spouse and children. Most parents will agree that these are acceptable risks, and the feelings revealed are much easier to deal with when they can be expressed within the comfort and security of the family. 2. Be honest about your feelings. Do not